What we Believe

The good news of the Gospel is that the triune God—
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—
creates, redeems, sustains, rules,
and transforms all things and all people.
This one living God,
the Scriptures say,
liberated the people of Israel from oppression
and covenanted to be their God.
By the power of the Spirit,
this one living God is incarnate in Jesus Christ,
who came to live in the world,
die for the world,
and be raised again to new life.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ
announces the nearness of God’s kingdom,
bringing good news to all who are impoverished,
sight to all who are blind,
freedom to all who are oppressed,
and proclaiming the Lord’s favor upon all creation.
The mission of God in Christ
gives shape and substance to the life and work of the Church.

In Christ,
the Church participates in God’s mission
for the transformation of creation and humanity
by proclaiming to all people the good news of God’s love,
offering to all people the grace of God at font and table,
and calling all people to discipleship in Christ.
Human beings have no higher goal in life
than to glorify and enjoy God now and forever,
living in covenant fellowship with God
and participating in God’s mission.

The above text is taken from the Foundations of Presbyterian Polity, a new document meant to provide an understanding of why Presbyterians do what they do and probably best explains, in a concise way, what we believe.

 Vision Statement

Elkin Presbyterian Church believes it is called by God’s grace to be a community of faith, supporting one another in love, and trusting in the transformative power of the Holy Spirit to bring hope and healing to a broken world.  Our church is called to be a home to its family members and to openly welcome new ones.  We are committed to creating a vibrant pre-school, youth program, Christian education programs, and music programs that nurture the members of our church and the greater region.  We believe an inspirational worship service will empower people to make a difference in the community and world.  We rely on the power of prayer to direct us spiritually.  We strive to be a mission church, reaching out, in the name of Jesus Christ, both locally and globally.  Our identity is shaped by our faith in the Triune God, our reliance on Holy Scripture and our Reformed and Presbyterian heritage.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Elkin Presbyterian Church to:

  • Be open to all people, nurturing a sense of inclusiveness and belonging within the congregation.

  • Build on the strength of our relationships, actively encouraging increased involvement in the ministries of the church, ministries which seek to promote love and justice and extend those blessings to all of creation.

  • Grow as a family, ensuring members are offered opportunities for fellowship.

  • Support our Christ-centered pre-school, fostering a love of learning led by qualified and dedicated teachers, with outreach to children from diverse backgrounds.

  • Offer Christian education that is engaging and responsive to the spiritual and intellectual needs of members of all ages.

  • Encourage a vibrant and inspiring worship experience that empowers and creates opportunities for all members to use their talents and gifts both internally and within the community.

  • Reach out to those in need, locally and globally, in the name of Jesus Christ, through mission, support, and love.

Elkin Presbyterian Church | 151 Hillcrest Drive | Elkin NC  28621 | 336.835.4545