The history of Elkin Presbyterian Church is a testament to the strong determination of the people of Scottish heritage and Presbyterian faith that started the church in 1892. Like many Presbyterian congregations of its time, the founders were continuing the faith of the reformation begun by John Calvin 16-century Geneva and continued in Scotland by John Knox.

During the Depression the church went through some hard times and a petition circulated to dissolve the congregation. Three members were not present that day, and before the next meeting two weeks later, the matriarch of the Wellborn family had changed the minds of enough people to save the church.

What started out as a group of about 10 people has grown to a thriving church of over 150 members. As the number of worshippers grew the church building itself had to grow to meet the needs of the congregation. After starting out in a small white clapboard church, the congregation moved to a brick church on Bridge Street and finally in 1991, the current building was dedicated to the glory of God.

Elkin Presbyterian Church | 151 Hillcrest Drive | Elkin NC  28621 | 336.835.4545