Because we are all blessed with different gifts and talents, the opportunities for ministry within the church, the community and the world are many. We invite everyone to participate in the work of our church committees as a way of serving God and others and as a means of community and spiritual growth.

Following are the committees set up within the church to help organize people to serve the church and the community.

Christian Education

Christian education is dedicated to spiritual formation, continuing education, family building and memory making.  This committee works with children’s ministries such as Sunday School, Kirk Kids, Nursery, and Vacation Bible School as well as adult education in the form of Sunday School classes, Bible studies, and spiritual formation classes and workshops.  

Congregational Care/Hospitality

Congregational Care provides countless fellowship opportunities for all members of the church family.  They coordinate congregational gatherings and meals, including Kirk Night, bereavement meals, and church picnics.  

Finance & Stewardship

The Finance and Stewardship Committees insure that we live out our calling to be good stewards of God's gifts in all of life.


The Historical Committee keeps an accurate record of the church's history for future generations and works to insure that we remain connected to our roots and to those who came before us.


The membership committee is responsible for contacting potential new members and helping those who join us to connect with the mission of the church and to fully integrate into the life and community of Elkin Presbyterian.


The Mission Committee coordinates the outreach of the church and maintains relationships with agencies and groups financially supported by the church.  This committee also oversees the church’s current mission focus.

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Committee cares for all members of the church family through visitation and other contacts such as cards, letters, and phone calls.  


The Personnel Committee assists paid staff members in carrying out their ministry to the congregation.


The Property Committee cares for the building and grounds in sustainable and environmentally responsible ways.


The Worship Committee coordinates the regular Sunday worship to insure that the people of God have a means of giving thanks, remembering their baptismal vows, feasting at the Lord’s supper, and serving God.

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